Sampling / Training PoS, understand the product and encourage the purchase

Lead and train your clients and teams in store, is the guarantee of a better sell-out and attachment to your brands.

  • Introducing your products at the Point Of Sale
  • Demodays Operations
  • Train staff on your products
  • Create proximity with customers

Your brand is evolving, or you are launching a new product, or you simply want to pique the curiosity of the consumer, a demodays campaign is an effective solution.

Your custom built teams are created in line with your input, and our method of “insight led sales.” From Call File Segmenation, to recruitment, to performing demodays in the field. Our operational teams analyze the results and provide recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

As a member of the SORAP, our field staff are covered by a specific contract from short-term missions to one-offs.

We also put in place a long-term solution support the visibility and sales consultancy at point of sale for our customers.

Sampling, product demonstration, and advice have proven to be the best way to reach your customers and promote brand awareness. 76% of purchases still take place in-store and 70 % of them are influenced by the human approach thanks to demodays operations. Our expertise extends from food, to health and beauty products, to High Tech devices and services.

We work in partnership with our clients’ brands to promote, train, and provide demonstrations to sales teams in store.

We provide in-store training for PoS staff. These training missions guarantee an increase in staff recommendations, a better understanding of the product, and rapport building with the in house staff.

Our trainers convey your values and we work with you to develop the ideal sales pitch. Training, reporting information from the field and putting together concise reports help to increase your sell-out.

We prove every day that demos and training are operations only destined for B2C activity, but that they also apply to B2B for consistency.

Our results and analysis are greatly appreciated by our customers who are leaning more and more towards an international approach to ensure consistency in service quality.

“Beyond measurable results, presence in pharmacy is not a place left to the competition” Client – Naturative (herbal products within the pharmacy channel).

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