Tactical Execution

We are experts in the implementation of short- term operations for brands in all distribution channels.


  • Audit: promotional presence, sufficient stock levels before undergoing sales operations, price listed on the shelf, number of facings, planogram compliance and other merchandising activities.
  • Installing PoS materials, free standing display units.
  • Sales force tactics for product launches or special events.

The success of a product launch is judged within a few weeks, so you need to maximize its presence and visibility on the shelves via planogram compliance efforts or negotiating free standing display units to increase your product’s visibility.

  • Measure sales: we collect sales data from the PoS and use our Business Intelligence tools to optimize the campaign.
  • Sales via Demos: meet your customers face-to-face on a product launch or during a consumer loyalty campaign.

A flexible approach to suit your deadlines and your budget

Our tactical solutions allow you to use our teams for a few days or a few months, depending on your needs.

Our solutions are supported by our recruiting database, containing the right profiles with the right skills for each type of mission. Following recruitment, our teams are systematically trained on channels/products/sales techniques with an intense focus if necessary.

Large-scale campaigns :

We are able to mobilize large numbers of people for this type of activity. Whether you need to interact with 90 or 90,000 customers, we have the solutions for you.

Have the need for a a one-off operation or have an issue that can be solved in the short-term? Daytona is waiting with the efficient, flexible solution!

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