Audit / Mystery shopping a solution to measure the rate of recommendation and the attachment to your products.

Audits and Mystery Shopping Solutions

  • Measure the recommendation rate of your brand
  • Check your marketing efforts and visibility
  • Compare your brand to your competitors
  • Launch a category audit

You are looking to get the essential information about your stores and your products. We enable sales managers, category managers, or simply your brand to increase the impact at the time of purchase.

Planogram Compliance Audit

We assist our clients in ensuring their presence at the point of sale, from product availability and promotional compliance areas. Our teams record detailed information in order to then provide you with the powerful reports and the necessary analysis.

We give you access to an accurate picture of the space dedicated to your brand. Our operational teams give optimization recommendations.

Measure the rate of your brand’s recommendations

Our mystery shoppers become your eyes and ears in the field. Our missions to audit the personnel at POS on the product knowledge and the rate of your product’s recommendation. We then provide a detailed debriefing pointing you in the direction to make corrective actions or training, thus assisting you achieving your goals.

The consumer is at the center of your brand.

The consumer’s point of view is paramount to successfully run your campaigns and reach your growth targets. It identifies the actions needed to keep product visibility high, and helps you develop your strategy. Gather customer testimonials, their knowledge of your brand, their feedback on brand experiences or even their opinion of your product image. We perform competitive intelligence at the point of sale.

Our audits and mystery shopping can be performed in addition to any of our other services. The important thing is to relay the knowledge and data gained in the field, supported by strong advice aimed at increasing sales: “Insight Led Sales.”

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